Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lessons : Helping, Sharing, Meals and Practicing our Letters

Depending on how a week is going, I tried to break things up for the girls a bit so they could absorb what we'd done so far. I was capitalizing on some sharing issues back when we did this lesson and we worked on cleaning up after ourselves. Since this time the girls are fantastic about communicating better instead of arguing over toys by asking to take turns when they want something the other has, etc. As for cleaning, they've really grown accustomed to NOT making tornado-like messes. Instead, they will play with some toys and pick them out before getting other sets out, thankfully!! Even tasks like bringing their plates to the sink after meals is such a help to me. I made the girls a little breakfast, lunch and dinner book as they were often mixing up what meal comes at what time. I think I've posted the little diddy we made up but it went something like this :

We then recapped what we've been working on so far with additional games like matching and learning what words begin with what letters. Check below for our printables if you are working on lessons with your kids!


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