Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Mealtime Song

Have a little one? Are they requesting dinner at 8am? Are you answering questions like, "When can I have breakfast," at 4pm? These are common questions from Addison and her buddies at the house on any given day. Simple things like getting in line or mealtimes aren't exactly something we focus on until we realize they have no clue why we spit out words like "dinner" and "breakfast" and "lunch" AND "snacktime" throughout the day. I suppose we don't say it enough for them to pick up on at times or maybe it's only in this house that we're utterly confused. Nonetheless, we made up a song today so we can get this all straightened out!

In the morning when I wake,
It's my breakfast I will make.

Afternoon then comes along,
and lunch time comes to join the song.

Evening comes and I'm a winner,

because I eat my yummy dinner!

And there you have Our Mealtime Song.

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