about me

I might care about gun control. I do know about the weather. I worry for our children. I believe in hard work. I love my wife and my daughter. I enjoy a cold beer. I believe in being ambitious. God provides for us. I have a small house in a little town with a backyard and a running car.
I have a little bit of the American Dream.
-my husband

Thank you, thank you for spending some time with my family and I via our blog. I'm AL, short for Anna Lisa, and I extend thanks to God before all else for the provisions he's made in my life and that of my family. Designing, staying home with my daughter, blogging, amateur photographing/IGing and working as a nanny consumes my day in the best way. I'm free to create and teach little wonders each and every day - what a blessing. Betty Jane & Co. is my tiny paper goods and vintage goods shop that is slowly but surely growing as I slowly but surely expand my services according to the time I have. My husband manages in food services and thrives in giving our daughter a passion for writing, music and, of course, sports. As Chicago Cubs and Buffalo Bills fans, we take the hard hits and as 'Cuse fans, we can relish in a few more wins here and there.

Our blog is a peek into our day to day. We are humbled and thankful for all we have. We are terribly comfortable in our simple, tiny yellow house chalk full of pets, kids and loved ones at all times. Our passion for the arts runs through Addison and raising her in this faithful life is more than we could have ever hoped.