Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reminiscent Renovations

Since we have been dormant popsicles for the past few weeks, we decided to finally bring to life all of the renovations I've gabbed on about for ... well, at least 10 years. We are, of course, talking about my childhood dollhouse.

If my memory serves me correctly, my grandma Betty (namesake for Betty Jane & Co.) bought me the beautiful wooden dollhouse when I was a little girl and would surprise me with new pieces of furniture regularly. I truly treasured this dollhouse and took great care of it. I remember thinking of all the beautiful things I would do to it. I'm certain my thoughts were full of pink and grandeur. I had great dreams for this house. Unfortunately for the house, I became a teenager. I continued to appreciate its beauty but the house remained a fixture in my bedroom, set up with no one willing to play with it. The most activity the poor thing got was this immortal incident that will go down in history.

Fast forward to a few years ago. Out comes the house and a bag of my Melanie's Mall pieces and furniture!

My parents preserved these items for me and my passion for the dollhouse reignited. Okay, so I put the entire thing on the backburner for quite some time, yet again, but on a good note the house/dolls were in use! We kept it in Addison's room. Being an uncomplicated and small room we have all of her baby dolls and accessories as well as dollhouse and accessories up there so that when she does spend time upstairs it is special with these more significant toys. We don't let "upstairs toys" come downstairs and vice versa, mostly because I do have little ones I care for that I don't wish to be picking up the teeny tiny pieces. Addison and friends have done some slight damage to her dollhouse but nothing major. The day finally came a few weeks ago. 
I bought my wood glue. I bought some paints. And although we didn't get far, we took a giant leap in the right direction. We primed the house after I spent an evening repairing the roof, some framing and some. I LOVE involving Addison in anything possible. There is so much in this house (both our actual home AND the dollhouse) that she can say, "I did that!" or "I helped mommy with that!" She really "built" our home and everything in it alongside us. 

We repurposed the "railing" from what the kids broke off of the roof of the house. Clearly, the dollhouse needed a railing so the "babies don't fall"

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