Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter 'F' and 'G' Craft and Princess Popcorn Recipe

We had quite a colorful day with this snack and craft a few weeks ago. The Princess Popcorn is relatively easy. I sort of eyeballed all the way through but the idea is to make sort of a popcorn/marshmallow ball. I melted about 10 marshmallows in the microwave with an eighth of a stick of butter and once it was my preferred consistency (gooey but more liquified than fluff), I added a bit of red food coloring and stirred quickly before it began to get too sticky. Immediately dump into a bowl of popcorn and prepare to get messy. Gently fold the mallow into the popcorn until it forms a huge ball. Once it hardens a bit, the mass of deliciousness can be portioned out.

Our letter 'F' and 'G' Craft was making a flower garden. I save ribbons and decorations from gifts for such crafts so we had a few flower petals on hand and plenty of bright tissue paper to make these gardens happen.

Supplies : Glue, Faux Flower petals, tissue paper, 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper and pen. 


Prep: Take one end of your paper and draw any sort of fence with your pen. Cut out the negative space as seen below. Once you have a fence-like cutout, you will fold that end over. We decided to write a blank line for their names followed by the words "__lower __arden" so that their fence would say, "Juliette's Flower Garden" or what have you with the children practicing their names as well as writing letters 'F' and 'G'. I had them draw stems and from there they could glue the petals and mash up their tissue paper for more flowers. They put glue all over the top of their paper so they could stick everything on the way they wanted. Once completed, we taped the sides of the fence so they would stay up.

Here are Kinley and Juliette's gardens. Two variations. Simple, fun and decorative artwork/lesson!

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