Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chicago 2014 : Part 1 The Fam

This adventure all began with a wonderful Christmas gift to my husband. He first received his EZPass, followed by a sweet Cubs Jersey and the final gift was a little note to go to the computer where he found a little promo video on the Chicago Cubs Convention. After this, I gave him our itinerary. WIN.

Our first priority when heading to sweet home Chicago is to visit with our Chitown Family including our close buddies and the kids I spent most of my college years caring for. Peter, Jacqueline and Michael are my "Chicago Babies" and their parents are the most loving friends. It was great to spend a night with them all and be treated to their great company. More so, Leslie offered to keep Addison overnight the following evening which allowed Micah and I to get together with our friends in Chi without Addison for the first time since she was born!!! SO FUN! We are blessed with each day of this trip :) Thursday and Friday were ALL about loved ones!

After we left Addison on Friday, we headed to my favorite restaurant and Micah's most valued past job, The 3rd Coast Cafe and Wine Bar! As always, we were greeted by our wonderful friends there and so many delicious drinks and dishes. YUM!

Next was the kickoff to our night on Division with friends. We met up with a few at the Clark Street Ale House and headed to Division from there.

Our first and last stop on Division ended up being at Butch McGuires. We intended to bar hop to some of our faves but we got voluntarily stuck in this great reminder of times gone by with many familiar faces. We're endlessly thankful to all those who came out to see us and share drinks with us. It. was. a. blast. 

No trip to Chicago would be complete without a driveby of our alley facing apartment on Clark and Oak, heheheh.

As many past nights with friends, we ended our evening at Five Faces. I had some tears after trying to say goodbye to everyone, okay a lot of tears, but .... well, okay I had to pee really bad too and let what I remembered from Spanish come out in requests for "el bano" BUT it was more than I could have asked to be patrons of these establishments that I frequented for years while we lived in the GoldCoast. The things I'd do to relive any of those nights ...

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