Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finally - Girls' Night is BACK

You've heard it plenty of times throughout my blogging but it's simply the fact of the matter - I adore my best friends and fellow mommas. I also love our "dates" that do not include our kids because, trust me, 90% of our times together are with the kids having a blast but enjoying nothing more than broken conversations-HA! 

So there you have us above - Aimee, myself, Sam and Kel. Below - our cartoons because I just had to!

I do not spend too much of the little free time I have in front of the television and I appreciate quality tv/film buuuuuut I have to really thank Sam who sucked me into shows like Dancing with the Stars and Bachelorette. Not to comment on anyone who watches such shows because, let's face it, I love my teen shows like Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood and so on .. yes I'm terribly serious, and Mom Vitale got me into American Idol a few years ago so I have time in my life for both quality and leisure tv nowadays, proudly. Thankfully, last season's Bachelorette turned into the best excuse ever to get together once a week with these fine ladies. We all bring treats, drinks and everything under the sun to talk about to where we probably only actually watch a good 10 minutes of the show. WELL - it is JUAN-uary, as many of you know, and Girls' Night is back in FULL SWING. What you see is the sole photo of the night because of all the chatter and good times that was being had. Wine, Creamsicles (whipped cream vodka with OJ, nom nom), white chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels, cheese plate, chocolate chip cookies ... Seriously - we have the most fulfilling time and are so grateful FOR that time together. What a perfect reminder that there is so much fun to be had at any age or point in your life so long as you take the time to make the time!

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