Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Sunday Snow Family

Addison and I kicked off our Sunday watching TFH online to listen to God's word. Pierre said something perfect, "Provision does not equal love." We often forget that it's not always materials around us that show us how much we are loved. We all have stuff, we all get stuff, we all buy stuff and often times it is to show how we care for others or how they care for us  but we must never forget that love IS love. Our connections with loved ones - that is love.

Micah was terribly ill this particular day (and into the next - yikes!) so Addison and I opted to play in the snow all afternoon. Does she have a show to watch? A doll to play with? Not to mention the holiday and birthday gifts she is still breaking in .. of course, but, provision does not equal love. We had a memorable afternoon building a snow family which we were so proud of. And instantly, it was gone the next day having melted. I'm so glad we took the time to do that together ..

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