Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Patient Man

 It is hard to describe the blessing that I feel each day I spend time with my husband. Or rather, each day that I observe the little joys my husband brings to a day. In this particular photo above you will see a mass of GIRLS. Suprisingly, there are still two unaccounted for, myself and Kelly. That makes nine ladies and what you don't see is my husband running around, getting lunch and handling us all! If that isn't a patient man than I do not know what is! He not only tolerates the chaos we all bring to the table but manages to soar with charm, entertaining us all and keeping the house full of laughter and joy! God bless my Micah!


  1. Maybe you'll get your opportunity to play hostess to Micah and a bunch of guys one of these days. Now THAT would be a whole other thing, I'm sure! Lots of loudness and bouncing around. Hide the breakables! hahaha

    1. playing hostess to loudnessa nd bouncing around .. hiding the breakables. done done done hahahaha we manage to find a reason to have a paraty w ALL of our friends at least once a month.