Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - With OR Without the Kids!

This is a day in the life with my amazing friends and our babies as well as two others, Juliette and Kinley, who are a cherished part of the group as I care for them during the week. We're often hustling and bustling around town or crashing (well, maybe trashing) at someone's house. We're teaching, we're feeding, we're patching booboos, we're dishing out time outs, we're crafting. It's a busy, nonstop sort of life but once a week, as you know, we DO get to press pause. We DO get to be simply buddies. We DO laugh and talk without constant interruption. We have just as much fun as we do with the kids but with each other for a change and these photos speak for themselves. I seriously feel like a high schooler at a slumber party when I'm with my ladies!

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