Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tools for a Pretty Perfect Day

There really is no excuse to miss out on the perfect day. It doesn't have to cost much or even be that creative. 
1) One important factor is making sure you surround yourself with those you care about. This can really make or break your day. After that - it's just a matter of how you choose to spend your time with these folks. 

2) Find a local spot you'd like to check out - whether it's a park, a bakery, somewhere with outdoor seating preferably - and have a picnic. On this particular outing with Aimee (my first friend in Rochester!) we took the kids to the nearby park with a gazebo, swingset, room to run and a picnic table. Micah had grilled the evening before so we brought leftovers. I warmed everything up and wrapped in tin foil before we left - it was perfect when we got there. Corn, burgers, dogs etc. Addison and Gaius did their thing pretending the gazebo was a castle or a pirate ship. We hung out with Derek on the picnic blanket and chatted away. Maverick tagged along for the ride. After the picnic we walked on to our local bakery for some coffee and treats. They provide chalk (BEST IDEA) so the kids had fun with some hopscotch while we sat outside, again, catching up. When you're a stay at home mom, there is no end to catching up. Total cost for these daytime activities was about $5 for our buy one, get one treats at the bakery and our refillable coffees and all the satisfied smiles from the kids were certainly priceless!

Easy does it - your perfect day can roll right into a perfect night at home. Perhaps you have a small kiddy pool, a fire pit and some food to grill (with a grill to grill hehe). Kelly and Alyssa came by for a night of grilling, pool and s'mores by the fire.
Many parents already have blankies, chairs, bug spray and sunscreen on hand for days like this. Your only real costs are food to grill. You're looking at a perfect day/night for under $20. 

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