Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nothin' Left for Me To Do But DANCE!

When I was a little girl, I danced. Then I quit at age 3. I eventually went back in 4th grade or one of those last few elementary years and I lost "it" completely. Flexibility gone, I had some bounce, I could do some tricks but I kept wishing for a long time afterwards that my parents forced me to stick with it so that I would be one of those girls doing flips at recess-such is life! Well, now I can "force" my daughter! I kid, I kid, haha. Addison and I started Mommy & Me classes at the local Dance Emporium last fall. We actually met our now dear friends, Kelly and Alyssa, at dance and Addison loves her classes, teacher, friends - the whole experience. Me? I get a patient little girl who lets me do all sorts of fun things with her hair before class. 

We are now in their summer classes month. The girls are taking Creative Movement I. This time around we don't go in with them so it's interesting to see them in a classroom setting without us holding their hands, literally. Here are some photos from the past season as well as their recital last month. 

 The dress rehearsal night was a testimony to dance moms everywhere. Kelly and I volunteered to take responsibility of the girls backstage. With extremely limited space (a blanket for our girls to stay on) and  long hours waiting we managed to survive the toddlers and all their potty breaks. We were under the impression the dress rehearsal would take less than an hour so we didn't bother to bring any of the snacks, juice and activities we intended to have for the recital afternoon. Thank God for other moms who supplied us after we realized we'd be waiting much longer than an hour and during dinnertime-you can only imagine ... The girls did great when they finally had their opportunity to rehearse onstage for the first time. We were gushing - it was pretty adorable.

 Recital Day! We were prepared with dvds, coloring books, crayons, snacks, princesses - oh my! When it was time for the girls to finally go on, Kelly and I walked them out to the stage. My little peanut got her first case of stage fright and proceeded to stand on stage looking to me backstage saying, "I want my mommy." hehehhe Fortunately, Addison LOVES her teacher and Ms. Siobhan was out there engaging Addison to dance with the other sweeties. They all did a fabulous job and it was worth everything "Awwwwww!" they received from the audience. I was glad to have recorded Addison at rehearsal where she had no problem! This was such a fantastic year. If only you could have seen them at their first few dance classes. What once were like loose wild monkeys attacking a dance facility, were now tamed and organized little girls with a whole routine on how to Shake Your BeanBag :)

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