Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wed-spirations : Pastel Spring

With the snow sneaking up on us each time we expect the spring to stick around I can't help but think of the lovely pastel yellows, blues, pinks and greens that await us. Today is officially the first day of spring, though the white blanket outside my window may disagree. Perhaps in the way that a rain dance may bring a rain, good thoughts in all shades of pastel and florals will soon bring spring, it's fresh air, sunshine and growth. 

This bouquet of paper, yes paper, flowers grabbed me instantly. Those are the freshest pieces of spring colored paper I've ever seen. 

I love these somewhat kitschy floral patterns that are making a comeback. Although reminiscent of an 80s pattern on a wall border or plastic upholstery of a vintage high chair, I can't get enough of the vibrance and painterly fun of this wallpaper found on etsy.
How absolutely adorable is this for a spring centerpiece.  A great way to bring the pastels of outdoors into your home. 
I have brought you melmac heaven. The shades, the melmac - can you smell the vintage love?? Find this fabulous buy on etsy.
This shade of aqua and the lacing make these shorts a one of a kind look.

I don't know what exactly makes me love an extremely unique yet unnatural hair color but some people can just pull it off. I think the most recognizable person sporting this look is Kelly Osbourne but she's certainly doing it right as is this model!

Lavender. mmmmm. What more can you say? Smells good, looks good. Wouldn't this be a lovely view from home?

There is no inspirational focal point in this image but the inspiration runs rampant! The blue candle holder, the baby pink and white polka dotted vase, those lush roses and the patters in the background. Let's not forget the details of this footed tray. Doesn't get much better for a spring look.

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