Thursday, March 21, 2013

Color Me Thursday : Fuschia

Taking a cue from yesterday's spring pastel post, I really loved the fuschia/turquoise/yellow on the wallpaper I had posted. And so - we go with fuschia and all of the vibrance it carries. 

All That Sass Designs  on etsy is currently selling this one of a kind necklace.
I can hardly resist the textures, colors and patterns!!

The Fabric Art Shop on etsy is carrying this lovely fabric covered in fuschia poppies. When you visit their link, notice the other image using the fabric in a handbag. Adorable!

The beautiful quilt before you is going to cost a pretty penny but it certainly is a guaranteed eye catcher/conversation starter. And who doesn't love a beautiful handmade piece such as this. I wouldn't know to use it for art or as a blankie. Color Quilts by Carolyn can supply this to those interested.

I love pieces like this. One look tells you no one else in the world will have this very scarf if you choose to purchase it at lamamadesmatous on etsy. 
Looking to change your look this spring?? Pair an yellow top with fuschia lipstick. How fabulous is she??

What an arrangement and another perfect example of the harmony between fuschia, yellow and orange. So good. 

Don't miss this vintage gem from Zwiggy Austin Vintage on etsy. The body of the dress is quite simple but contrasts beautifully with its vibrance and floral design.

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