Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Purse Life

You are what you stow. Your purse contents are a representation of you. I'm sure someone important has said these things at some point in time. Here is a glimpse into my purse life. I can't exactly say this is a representation of me. For example, those numerous glosses and chapsticks, rarely used. Although, when I do look for some, it's good to have options. All 10 of them ... There are numerous pens and note pads. Always a necessity. Wallet, of course. I do like to have stamps handy. Bubbles, sanitizer, bouncy ball, storybook, memory game, rings - with kids around me constantly you'd be surprised how often those come in handy. I'd have to say the kids stuff leaves the purse more than anything else. Lotion and gum - of course. Glue gun insert-why?? Summary would have to be that although this doesn't clearly represent what I'm all about my purse life absolutely provides a glimpse of what I strive for on a regular basis, some sort of an acceptable appearance (lip products), entertainment of children and completion of personal tasks (stamps and envelopes). 

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