Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Natural Craft

This is such a fun and simple craft for grown ups and kids alike. You simply scour the yard or gather while you take a stroll. What is it we're scouring and gathering? Colorful plants and flowers!

There is some trial and error and some plants and flowers don't translate onto paper as you may hope. 

Plants or Flowers
Napkin or scrap paper

To do: Place your good paper on a flat surface that can be hammered on. Place your plants and flowers face down and as flat as you can make them. Place a napkin or scrap paper over your plants. Gently hammer all over the scrap paper or napkin, especially where the plants are. Lift your paper/napkin gently to see if the colors are transferring. Once completed you may peel off the plants and if it's a good day you'll have something like this: 

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