Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Nutcracker Gift

My cousin came up with the brilliant gift of attending a performance of The Nutcracker put on by New York State Ballet in Rochester for Addison's birthday present. I grew up seeing The Nutcracker several times throughout grade school and I never grew tired of the experience. Sharing this with Addison was something I definitely looked forward to. Accompanied with our tickets was free access to a SugarPlum Fairy Party. Addison was beside herself seeing a few performances from the show followed by a party with snacks, beverages and sweet crafts and raffles! The tip of the iceberg was meeting SugarPlum Fairy. She couldn't believe it! This was a wonderfully organized experience for us both and we were grateful to have attended. A few weeks later we attended the actual performance with our cousins. Addison was enthralled with the entire performance, even more so because of the opportunity she had to have previewed the performers and some of the dances. There was a lot of, "Mommy! That's HER!" happening throughout the performance. She loves dance and this furthered her interest and enjoyment of the performing arts. Thanks Becky and Corbin for an unforgettable gift!

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