Sunday, February 22, 2015

Holiday Crafts

Supplies: Toilet Paper roll, stickers, markers, glitter or any other decorating materials, glue, ribbon
1) Simply let the kids decorate the roll
2) Depending on their age either they or a grown up can flatten the tube and cut any thickness with scissors like sushi!
3) The next part is a bit messier depending on the glue you use. You may find success with a glue stick but I used liquid glue. First, arrange the almond shapes into a flower in any order you choose and then put the glue on the ends that will touch. I had to reapply glue a few times but eventually when it begins to dry it's easier to keep together. Once dry you can tie an end with some ribbon to hand wherever!

Supplies: Recycled candle jars, white and brown or black paint. An orange and black sharpie. Two lovely buttons. Glue.
1) Paint the interior of the lid  brown or black. Washable kids paint works fine! Paint the interior of the jar white. Let dry.
2) Use sharpies (accompanied by a grown up) to draw on a snowman face.
3) Glue two buttons onto your snowman.
BONUS: If you have a longer jar you could make room for a cloth or ribbon scarf between the face and buttons of your snowman! 

Supplies: cardstock, scrapbook paper or any paper with patterns, ribbon, pen, glue, shot glass
1) Cut cardstock to the desired card size and fold in half. Write any greeting on the front of your card if you choose to.
2) Use a shot glass or desired glass size to trace a circle on your card. Use the same glass to trace the same size circle on three different pieces of pattern paper.
3) Cut the three pattern paper circles out and fold each in half, pattern on the interior of fold. Line the three folded circles in a row. We'll call them A, B and C
4) Glue the right side of A to the left side of B. Glue the Right side of B to the left side of C. B should now be in the middle as my Christmas Lights circle is in the photo above. The left side of A and the right side of C should be dry.
5) Place glue on the left side of A and right side of C and glue into the circle shape on your card.
6) Garnish with ribbon running from your ornament to the edge of your card.

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