Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Resuming House Projects : Front Porch

Over the years, I've been taking time to work on certain parts of the house. I've been dying to work on the front porch. My mind went back and forth about what sort of look to go for and I settled on some white, distressed walls to brighten up the room and give it a breezy feel. Initially, I wanted to whitewash the entire interior but I loved the first coat/distressed look with the brown underneath and it saved me the trouble of another coat! Eventually, I'd like to change the ceiling but it works for now.  The porch was instantly brightened from the previous brown/beige match up. Thank goodness! As always, Addison was very much a part of the painting. I believe she's painted every room with me. Always involve the kids when you can, they can grow up knowing they did their part, big or small!

I have paint sitting in my dining room for this bookshelf. Many of you natural wood lovers are probably groaning at the idea. Let me assure you this was an affordable purchase and there is no historic or personal value to this shelf. It will be brightened up as the rest of the porch was! As you can see, I also added some cinder blocks from the back shed and a tabletop I found in the basement. This area has turned into a makeshift studio for all of my art/craft/scrapbooking supplies. Having moved them out of my bedroom has really made me optimistic about our bedroom. The ONLY untouched room in this house! It's a disaster, I can't WAIT to start plugging my ideas for the bedroom in and sharing with all of you! As for the other side of the porch, we moved the mattress back in after Thomas' departure. Again, it helps to brighten up the area and the kids LOVE the one bed they are allowed to jump on. 

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