Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tie Dye Cake

Recently, we had a birthday party for a little boy that Kelly babysits. He is into tiedye so we had a fun filled day outdoors, in the pool and making tiedye shirts. I decided to try out a tiedye cake after successfully making multicolored pancakes this past Easter. This was so simple and I highly recommend for the tiedye lover in your life! 

food coloring, white cake mix, bowls per color

1) After mixing the white cake mix via directions on the box, I separated the batter into 4 bowls for the 4 colors I used, yellow, blue, red and green. Mix well in their separate dishes.

2) Taking one bowl at a time, or doing intervals, drop globs (yes, globs) of color all over your greased cake pan. After I covered the bottom of the dish, I tilted it left and right a bit, allowing the color to spread to all sides.

3) For the cake, follow the regular baking directions. For frosting, I lightly frosted the cake with white frosting and then dripped food coloring all over. Without using too many strokes, I slightly spread the food coloring. Um, I don't really recommend this. The colors kind of get muddy looking. Hahaha. I would simply use the above instructions for the cake batter. Make separate frosting bowls, dye them and then spread ..

The inside of the cake came out so cute! Easy and worth a shot!

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