Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feet Greet!

I firstly have to give all of the credit to my dear, dear friend, Mijung, from where we used to live. I was on facebook doing some work and my newsfeed showed this awesome DIY card she made with her boys for their daddy and grandpa. Genius! I love projects that serve as wonderful keepsakes.

Paper, Paintbrush, Paint, Feet and damp cloth nearby for cleaning

Caution : You must be able to withstand intense tickling!

After painting her foot we made a footprint and quickly wiped the paint off of her foot with a damp cloth and went onto another color.

Last but not least, I had Addison draw on her wheels and the roof to the tractors. Since my father in law grew up on his dad's farm, this was a perfect tractor card for them both and my dad just bought his own sportscar so it worked for him, as well. Ours weren't as fancy as Mijung's but filled with just as much love, hehehe!

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