Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Public Toddler Meltdown Today!

Hopefully Addison won't hate me for posting this on the world wide web....

As you know I've begun childcare for 5 month old Hunter and today the three of us strolled on up to the Post Office, something Addison normally loves. We get in and I begin filling out a few address labels. Not an easy task with a baby strapped to the front of you. So there I am squatting to properly reach the low table when suddenly the little one does a spit up. Here I am grateful that it didn't land on us but the easy to wipe floor. I tell Addison I'll clean it up after I fill out the labels and she instantly starts freaking out. I'm somewhat of a patience queen during public freakouts so I kind of kept doing what I was doing but then a couple people strolled in. Of course, beads of sweat are forming on my head so I tell Addison to wait while I grab the wipes from the stroller in the other room (lobby). Swiftly, I am in and out of the lobby only to return to four people staring at Addison kicking and screaming while lying on her stomach on the floor - all because of the spit up ... I clean it up and at this point she has decided she wants nothing to do with the post office and wants home. I get her all fixed up and bring her to the lobby where the stroller is. Meanwhile, my purse and miscellaneous other items of mine are throughout the post office ... I run back in quick (don't worry, there are glass walls so I could see her a few feet away) and finish checking out while listening to her scream. It gets a little louder so I tell the office clerk to hang on a minute while I tell Addison I'm almost done. FINALLY, we get the heck out of there. Thank goodness for this small town and very understanding people. When in a situation like this I like to give the benefit of the doubt to all people watching these messes unfold and guess that they probably have children and completely understand. If I don't do this, I could easily have a mommy meltdown from the stress of it all. Enjoy your kids and these rough moments - one day they might just stumble upon a blog post about them and hopefully that will result in a lovely phone conversation with your grown up child - HA!

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