Wednesday, April 17, 2013


While sifting through the endless icons on my desktop I came across this photo. Oh right, I meant to blog about this mark on a new year in my life. Birthdays aren't exactly filled with frosting covered faces, pin the tail on the donkey, gifts that can be identified as a Barbie or a Kaboodle with a simple shake. We get older and depending on where you are in your life, the celebration differs. Not to say they can't be just as fun but I didn't exactly have my parents at my bed waking me up for "my big day."  My friends had this whole plan to celebrate my birthday (I'm March 30th, he's an April Fools baby!) but I ended up terribly sick and it didn't happen .... this may sound familiar as Addison's health pulled the same stunt on the day of her birthday party. What gives?!? Fortunately, the day of my birthday was a Saturday and the only thing that could have made it any better was having my in laws around. 

- quick interruption, my slipping brain tells me that I may have already done a birthday post in which case you may completely disregard this. I won't even bother checking ... you'll have to deal with 2 birthday posts if I did, in fact, do this already!) -

My parents and brother came out and spent the entire, BEAUTIFUL day here. My mom made me a birthday cake which was a surprise and I really was excited. I even had candles to blow out!! *awwww* There was a 'Cuse game that day and they won. Micah and I got cards/gifts and we all had a wonderful time spent with one another. Before they left we took a nice Tuttle Family photo, which hasn't happened in over 10 years. Notice how I haven't mentioned my new age - 28. I don't fear the number, I'm not worried about the coming ages. I actually consider this a memorable and wonderful birthday because it was a lovely and joyous day. All I can hope for is to keep up days like this - there's no reason my whole 28th year has to be any different, no?

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