Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wed-Spirations : Spiritual and Physical Wellness

I was going to do one of my usual fun pinning adventures with all sorts of colorful odds and ends but I'm going to keep it real .. really real. This week, literally as of Sunday, I'm been reframing my priorities each day. With Micah's ever changing work schedule we've been having a difficult time making it to church, followed by less focus on our daily devotional or even daily prayer. Addison and I have been sick so even her nightly prayer and bible reading have been lost. Knowing the importance of keeping God at the forefront of my life, our family seems to zip into chaos the less time we devote to Him. We're unfocused, impatient, scatterbrained - you name it.

Well, we finally made it back to church last Sunday and our Pastor, Pierre DuPlessis, nailed it with another moving service regarding our need for Him, our shepherd, without whom we follow no one else but each other like a herd of lost sheep and if you haven't heard, sheep will follow other sheep off of cliffs, you follow?? He really knows how to hit home! I'm so grateful for God providing us with The Father's House. With the refreshing time spent in God's presence I was eager to reread the book that brought me to the revelation that I'm a Christian, A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Immediately, I contacted my friend Kelly and asked her if she'd like to do a little Bible study with me using the book as I had an extra copy, I always do!, and it was a new book for her. She loved the idea and here we are in our first week of readings!

On the physical front : Boy, have I been blessed this week!! I'm an avid Instagram-er and meet many a find folk on the IG platform. About a week or so ago I noticed a LOT of before/after photos of women on the popular page and here and there I'd begin reading some of their stories. There was one photo of a woman who had lost weight and her "after" photo had her child in it - it was admirable so I left a comment at how beautiful and happy she looked. Before I knew it I had a response - it wasn't actually her in the photo but one of her group members. Group member of what you might ask! Mindy Rose is a Coach for Beach Body. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Insanity workouts. I would see posts about those on Facebook but never really looked into it. Beach Body promotes Insanity as well as many other successful workouts as well as products like Shakeology. Mindy and I got talking and I realized I was connecting with her for a reason. It just so happens I was a few days into a healthy eating regimen and her support group seemed to be exactly what I needed. Let's face it, I had my daughter over three years ago and I'm still struggling to lose the majority of the weight I gained during my pregnancy. Let's be clear - I gained A LOT! I've gone through awesome spurts of healthy living whether it was running a 5k or months at the gym or consistent healthy eating but it was always on my own with no real long term support, certainly not a daily check in. Mindy invited me to one of her private Facebook groups along with several other women and together we began our 90 day journey. We check in daily and have daily assignments as well as challenges. This has been huge as far as accountability goes. I would feel pretty disappointed and would expect my fellow health seekers to be disappointed in me if I couldn't stick to these fabulous habits and just quit the group. Here we are days later and I've been eating well and working out daily which is HUGE for me. It's scary to wonder where I'll be after a month but I'm already connecting with these awesome women and hoping it's all I was missing in the past.

I hope I'm finding my readers in good spiritual and physical health. Here is to a wonderful day and I'll blog you all tomorrow!!


  1. I did the insanity regime last year!! I have a bad neck so i couldnt do half the exercises but it really worked for me. I lost 3 stone and my other half lost 4

    Good luck!

    1. Hello Amanda! So glad to hear you found success with the program. I'm really looking forward to losing ... weight that is :) I've wasted enough time eating terribly and not being active enough. It's been a week and I know the weight will take time but mentally and physically I'm already feeling fantastic! Can't wait to share my success story one of these days!