Thursday, March 28, 2013

Color Me Thursday : Rainbow!

After weeks of watching our friends go through bouts of colds and other illnesses, they all finally caught up to Addison and I. Fortunately, Addison has overcome her 6 days of fever, ear infections, cough and endless tissues and she's able to go to dance class tonight ... with daddy. Yes, I am here blowing my nose ever so loudly and coughing, and coughing, and coughing, and .. you get the idea! So what do we do when we're feeling blue?? Use rainbow colors of course!

The beauties can be found at Nonas Jewelry Shop on Etsy!


Pumpkin Truck on etsy can provide you with this fabulous vintage bed sheet for repurpose! 


Water Path on etsy is carrying this sweet dandelion clutch. 


Perfect for a spring accent to your home. Glorias Glass Garden has this lovely birdbath currently available.


Have a coastal home or love coastal decor? This lovely print can be found at Seaside Prints on etsy.


Love this dipped look I'm seeing everywhere. Jeanie Deans is where it's at!


I am absolutely digging this vintage 80s dress from the etsy shop, Meadowave!

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