Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducting Riley's Closet: Kathy Hoy

I meet so many wonderful people in the land of IG (instagram, duh!) and many of them are mom's like myself with inventive creations, shops and so on. I recently met Ms. Kathy Hoy via her photo of her daughter in the most adorable dress. Kathy belongs to a network of moms who follow one another and buy/sell/trade Matilda Jane dresses. Similar to Pampered Chef products, you can host, what Matilda Jane calls, a trunkshow where you can show off all the fabulous clothes MJ has to offer!

Kathy and her sweet girl, Payton
Kathy's story : What began as a search for Gymboree clothes grew into the journey that helps many stay at home moms make a living from home. Kathy's relative suggested he view her online shop where she sells Gymboree clothing for less and Kathy decided this would be a fabulous idea for her new clothing and/or clothing that was only worn once due to the rapid growth of children, and we all know how that goes! The idea took off and "spread like wild fire" and moms everywhere began making clothes to sell as well as selling gently used pieces for less. One fantastic way moms can help each other out is buy purchasing each others clothes and reselling when they're outgrown. 

If you're interested in what Kathy has available please visit/contact her via her >> Facebook Page <<.

Visit paytonstyle on Instagram

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