Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Puzzle Organizer

If you have a little one like my Addison who is just smitten with puzzles right now, you may begin to notice the boxes piling up somewhere in your house. Thanks to the many pinners of the world as well as friends and family who forward me those fun emails with repurposing ideas galore, I have come up with this little number. Many people seem to repurpose these door hanging pocket shoe racks for various items like bathroom supplies and stuffed animals so I thought this would be perfect for puzzles! A) It gets the puzzles boxes out of my life completely and B) It gets everything off of the floor altogether. If you are blessed enough to have children in your life you appreciate the joys of getting toys off of the floor. We have about 5-6 puzzles now so I have removed the little image from the box so we know what puzzle is in one pocket. The downside is getting the pieces out but there are alternatives to make it easier. We get these small plastic bags that come wrapped around the Pennysaver. They could fit perfectly in these pockets for easy puzzle removal. We will definitely take that route for the higher up pockets. As for now, the 2 felt bags you see hanging on the door handle are what we use to transport the pieces. Yes, we fill the bag and bring it to another room. Addison doesn't seem to mind the procedure so I won't discourage her from doing the extra leg of work!

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