Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Easter 2015

We moved into our house in the summer of 2012. Our first Easter (2013) we had an Easter egg hunt in our yard which has turned into a wonderful tradition and opportunity to get our friends and families I provide childcare for together. It's like a meet and greet, party and adventure in one! 

As a Christian, the holidays can be tricky. I personally don't see it that way but I know it's complicated for other Christians. There are many that choose to steer clear of Santa and Easter Bunny and so on. Long story short, I read books to my daughter about magic and faeries and so on so a little make believe around the holidays does not make me feel like a "bad" Christian. I make a point to share stories about Christ and what we're truly celebrating as well as letting kids enjoy the magical aspect of it all. That said, we go all out for our Easter hunt! We talk all season about spring, Christ's resurrection, and just as he was reborn, plants emerge, animals are born and so on. Our yard makes for a fun hunt. I spend all morning prepping eggs donated from various friends. The kids receive everything from candy to coins to tattoos and stickers - you name it! They are thrilled to take off into the yard and in the flash of minutes that it takes them to clear each and every egg, we are inside unraveling the small surprises. Seeing our "group" grows is as beautiful as the Easter story of rebirth. Each year we are renewed with more people to love and care for as shown below.

Top (from left): Alyssa, Olivia, Lucy and Addison
Bottom: Gaius

On Couch (from left) Addison, Juliette, Olivia A., Gaius, Alyssa, Kinley and Olivia
Floor: Derek and Sydney

Back (from left): Jack, Kinley, Tori
Middle: Nathan, Addison, Juliette
Front: Livi, Kate, Alyssa

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