Sunday, July 26, 2015

My "Baby" Brother

Here he is folks. The little stinker who killed 6 lovely years as an only child for me. Womp Womp. The kid who once chased me around the house with his deadly matchbox cars to which I pleaded help and was responded by my dad with, "You're bigger than him!" The kid who really irked me in front of a friend once which resulted in each of us knocking the wind out of each other with either a blow to the back or to the stomach. I can't remember which of us did what to the other but I know it hurt and entertained my friend. 

We were buddies when we were smaller but once I was in high school our relationship was somewhat nonexistent. I was in my teens and he was in elementary. I do remember him coming home upset due to kids picking on him on the way home and me being enraged over the whole situations. I'm almost positive I ran into that icy cold day hunting those kids down. He was still my little brother no matter how much we could relate... Eventually, I went off to college in Chicago and he did his thing at home in upstate NY. Once he was in his last year or two of high school we were able to reconnect when I'd come home to visit and although we're not checking in on each other daily I'd say we're good friends who have each others back. We understand each other. Not everyone from our small hometown eats chicken adobo with rice on a regular basis when home for the holidays. 

Recently, my brother made the decision to join the Marine Corps. After witnessing him struggle to find a passion in college I could not have been more proud of this choice. This displayed his willingness to find discipline and structure in his life and so far it has worked wonders. Since making this decision, he's become engaged to his lovely girlfriend and has become a much more responsible, independent and confident person who, I hope!, is making healthy  and happy choices regularly. 

One big Ooh Rah to this guy!

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