Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Disney on Ice 2015

Disney on Ice may have meant something to you long before the days of Frozen. For me, it's one of my earliest memories with my parents, right up there with Harlem Globetrotters, movies in the theater and fishing with my dad. I remember Mickey and Goofy. I remember a scene they did from the Mickey and the Beanstalk story which included this HUMONGOUS arm/hand balloon and scooted out from the side of the rink. It was huge and alarming but I thought the whole thing was so cool, especially that spinning light thing my parents bought me as a souvenir. Unfortunately, no such flashlight reached the hands of my daughter this year because they cost an arm and a leg these days (I still can't believe I bought 2 plain pretzels for them that they weren't even that hungry for .. why I didn't get them cotton candy to share is beyond me .. bahahah. For the better, I suppose-less sugar!) I did buy a $4.50 bottle of water - again, that's a little outrageous and I usually bring things but it slipped my mind. I do believe in souvenirs, though, and we got a steal on two large figurines. Addison picked Jasmine (huge surprise) and Tori chose an Anna doll. The kids had an amazing time with front seating and we were met by Kelly, Brian, Alyssa and Evan after intermission. So fun to share in the experience with our friends. I truly felt like a kid again and LOVED The Little Mermaid bit!! If you scroll down you will see that even the boys found the joy in it all, hehehe.

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