Monday, June 16, 2014

Unplugging Extremes!

the Subject line of the email I received after deactivation - serious stuff
Alright - that sounds a wee bit dramatic. We aren't moving into an eco friendly box house in the middle of nature somewhere off of the grid but I am personally making some changes. After weeks of noticing some Facebook drama regarding Facebook photos and comments it started to hit (and deeply annoy) me that here is all this silly banter between strangers and friends alike over a photo of MINE that I didn't ask for opinions about. Granted, we subject ourselves to the commentary the moment we "share" a photo with the world wide web but I was overcome with this feeling of trying to share a nice photo with distant friends and family and in an instant everyone is jumping mostly with kind regard to give their thoughts and opinions. I then began responding, of course, and it suddenly began to feel overwhelming to feel obligated to continue posting pics when I have 2937439874 scrapbooking projects and journalling that I enjoy MUCH more but am so behind it. It suddenly began to feel overwhelming trying to keep up with Facebook comments, private messages, emails and texts.

Enough, I said!

I went into a four hour rampage of creating a new, blank Facebook page to transfer all my page management duties too so that I could deactivate my original account. I felt bad for those who are appreciative of the photos I post of their kids and family but those are made available through my Instagram and this blog. I also spent a great deal of time removing my phone data plan and deleting any apps and browsers and email capabilities so that I only use the phone for photos, videos, calls and texts. There are so many things I want to do and that I have time to do if I wasn't so glued to my phone. I even went as far as to read blog posts about people who are "phoneless" as sort of a pinch-me-if-this-is-possible. I'm well aware of the benefits of a cell phone in the event of an emergency which is why I'm not nixing it altogether but taking away my internet capabilities is a relief. I can't tell you how many times i reached for my phone, turned it on and realized there was nothing to do with it and picked up my book instead. I get butterflies just thinking about how truly liberating that was to not be consumed and manipulated by the addiction and habit that my phone has become. I've even signed onto Facebook a few times to check on this person or that only to remember I can't and by maintaining my Genealogy page, Health page, Business page I am still able to visit Facebook without getting caught up in surfing and posting and commenting and liking.

You are not bad if you are on Facebook. The sheer fact that it was stressing me out was my main reason of unplugging. I should so not be overwhelmed by technology and the more overwhelmed the got the quicker I realized all of the things I'd like to be doing instead of sitting on my phone/facebook - reading, scrapbooking, bible study, movies, mini golf, walks, family, camping, playing with pets, pool, real interactions with friends/family = there are valuable things out there that I'm GOING to do this summer :D

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