Friday, June 6, 2014

Lily Mills : Spring Break!

Our lovely little town has this amazing little place called Lily Mills that I can not get enough of. Great coffee, fresh baked goods, amazing lunches and the sweetest, most thoughtful "brown bag" lunches for kids with all the works (sandwich, chips, drink, etc) and everything at a reasonable cost. It is a splice of a major city, if you ask me. Having lived several years in Chicago, I feel like I'm at a contemporary Chicago cafe. As if it couldn't get better - they decided to hold themed events for Spring Break during the month of March. We signed up for both the American Girl day and the SuperHero day. 

American Girl Day
The worst part about this day? The title was a bit misleading as it was completely okay to bring dolls other than your American Girl but the day only got better and better from that point on. We have a secondhand bitty baby as our only American Girl so Addison opted to bring her Ariel Toddler doll. A few of our friends couldn't make it so Addison was pleasantly surprised to see her classmate Kate their and they ended up sharing Ariel for the afternoon. The girls were treated to endless amounts of barrettes and combs to do their dolls' hair and a yummy lunch of grilled cheese and fruit kabobs. The cupcakes were a hit and to top of the afternoon they all made their own princess straws to drink their pink lemonade with. 

SuperHero Day

 It doesn't get much better than this. Addison's first buddy here in the Rochester area is Gaius. They've known each other since they were one and a half. One thing we know about Gaius and his brother, Derek, is their LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for superheroes. We were so glad they came up to enjoy this day because Addison ended up being the only girl which she would have felt sooo out of place had it not been for Gaius being there. She was thrilled to wear Aimee's Wonder Woman costume, as well. The kids all decorated masks and were treated to yummy snacks for the afternoon. I loved comparing the two days. The American Girl day consisted of neat layouts and a long table for the girls. The SuperHero day was all boy. Small table at one end of the room and open space for the superheroes to do their wild moves. We couldn't have asked for a better week and were so grateful for their efforts in making these days special for the kids!

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