Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If you thought you had great friends ...

...well then you've never met this crew ;) I kid, I kid. We take our friendships seriously and we mean to always be open and honest with our friends. I've been blessed to have a small handful of super close friends from my childhood and God simply threw us a fastball when we moved to the Rochester area. We met Aimee and Steve in our first townhome here and fast forward two years - She introduced us to Sam and Jeff who we ended up moving only minutes away from. Through Addison's dance class, we met Kelly and Brian and through my babysitting we became close with David and Tricia, whose girls I watch full time during the school year. Proverbs 24:26 tells us, "An honest answer is the sign of true friendship." Micah and I are by no means a flawless couple but I believe that's why our close knit group of friends welds together - we are very real with one another, open and caring and helpful when one of us is going through something difficult and understanding at a time when many people would shy away or cover up a troubling situation. Our other "glue" is our children. We care for each others children as much as our own. I have to say that this is not a group that is shrouded with judgment and skepticism but openness and honesty. It was truly an honor for Micah and I to share our birthday weekend with all of the above and with the addition of Micah's childhood buddy, Steve who came into town for the night. We could not have asked for a better evening as we hopped around from the Avon Inn, to Avondale Pub and ending at Duffy's before our walk home and sleepover with some friends. Conversation was great, the evening was completely drama free and we had the best company anyone could ask for!
The Crew
Tricia and Sam's first meeting

Aimee and Steve

Avon Ladies
If you liked it than you should've put a ring on it

Tricia and Brian really did a number on Duffy's .. so did those cats ...

Moves like Jagger

Fabulous Evening!

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