Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Parental Privy Experience

If you happen to be one of many people who does not have a child or much experience with children then consider yourself blessed by the choice to use the bathroom alone. I have always been adamant about bathroom privacy and Addison has followed suite very well as she's gotten older but with being a nanny to small children it is pretty impossible to not keep that door open in case of those impending emergencies that occur the second an adult leaves a room. 

To start from the beginning, I have to recall that first year when I stayed home with my infant girl. Every. Single. Bathroom. Trip included her. We had a little baby chair that stayed in the bathroom for easy access when either of us were alone with Addison and had to go. I vividly recall talking to screaming Addison while in the shower assuring her that "mommy's almost done!" as I frantically rinse out the shampoo-wait-did I shampoo yet?!....Fast forward to potty training and the moment when bathrooms are old news because the kids are used to them. Enter child #2 or children that you babysit. You MUST be able to hear what is happening even for two minutes in the bathroom. (If you don't have children already-you will be amazed at what they can accomplish in minutes. It's as if they become clumsy monkey robbers at a prestigious museum and touch, maybe break, everything you never even knew they could reach.) More times than not - going to the bathroom to go or to brush my teeth, wash hands, etc includes me being followed ... Let's take a look at a once common word - privy. When I googled "privy" i was surprised to see two other definitions. Most common being "a toilet located in a small shed.." but there is the adjective that means "sharing in the knowledge of something.." and the other noun "a person having a part or interested in any action..". 

Clearly the little ones know more than we do as they are well aware of involving themselves in any bathroom visits by an adult whether it's to stare uncomfortably or just to come hang out and go through all items you can't reach from the toilet. 

So I bid each one of you with no experience with children to really enjoy that potty time. Reading a great article but already finished going potty? - keep reading because one day you will be using your bathroom time as bonus time with your kids. If you are unsure to how that feels just imagine the above image while sitting on the potty. That's what it feels like ... 

FYI: as soon as you exit the bathroom they want nothing to do with you so the joke is really always on you

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