Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lessons: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Cold Season

We usually take a week here and there to skip letters and to discuss holidays, manners, etc. In the fall, we did a few Halloween Crafts like this finger spider and Pumpkin Book. I am now regretting not listing the books we read during these time BUT libraries will always have a section of holiday books. I  always tried to find creative books and for holidays like Thanksgiving I tried to find a few historical books so they could learn the origins of Thanksgiving. The girls were very understanding of the pilgrims, Mayflower, Squanto and the role corn planting took in the friendship between both the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. At this time, we were dealing with a LOT of illnesses. With the kids in school and that neverending cycle of passing it around we did go over proper manners, covering our mouths with a tissue or coughing into our arms. Our last craft shown is a face with hands and a tissue and a little sample rhyme about "getting along" to remind the girls of how we treat our friends!

For our spider, the girls colored a piece of scrap paper how they wanted. We folded it in half and traced four of their fingers, cut and voila! The pumpkins were also done with some scrap paper and leftover stickers. I made little booklets for the girls and they decorated their pumpkin crew as they wished!
The owl project was a gift from my cousin that came at the best time! The colors were great for Fall so the girls had a blast putting these little guys together. The pieces were precut and only needed to be adhered but you can see it wouldn't be difficult to make your own. You can cut foam and felt paper into the shapes shown and glue together. We discussed the keywords above and the girls did a color by numbers lesson with a mayflower pic-what's up with that dolphin? Just noticed that ... I began having the girls write their names on assignments around this time. The corn was my favorite decoration/project! I had the girls use only orange, red, yellow and purple paint on a piece of scrap paper. I told them to paint however they wanted, mostly finger painting. After they were done, I used a toothpick to scratch on the pattern and once it dried I cut them to look like corn. Reminds me of the Indian corn hanging at my parents' home. We tied them off and they made a great fall decoration.

Our lovely flue season persons and manners songs. the girls drew faces on the underside of a paper plate. We traced their hands and glued them to the plate. We glued a tissue to a hand and there you have our well mannered plate face. 

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