Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Fur (and scale!) Babies

And my husband took Addison under his wing to coax me into getting a canary - Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

Danko is our orange baby. He is the sweetest kitty but shy and prefers to hang out in the bathroom ... Kahlo - well, she is from the alleys of Chicago and does not mess around. She can be a snippety ol' thing but has a weird respect for Micah and I. For others? If you touch her other than her head and only if she is in the mood to be pet she WILL smack you. Polka and Dot are our longest living fishes. Go life! Maverick is our latest addition. We adopted him last year and although his bark is piercing and his old man growling isn't often misinterpreted as anger, he is a good boy. Wilco and Gonzo are our two female guinea pigs. They. are. huge. I'll let you know in ten years when we've added the canary


  1. You sure are pet people! I love it. We raised canaries for awhile and their singing was beautiful. I suggest two, though, because they need a "flock!" I think it's tough on birds to be in a cage alone.

    1. This was basically my house growing up. I don't think we ever had less than 2 dogs and 2 cats and there were always guinea pigs, fish, mice, hamsters, gerbils, a rat, turtle, .... list goes on. from the stories of my dad's childhood, the same can be said for his upbringing. Micah said the same about a canary, that he loves their singing. WHEN that day comes, We will have to research, get a large cage and get a few :) I read the same about guinea pigs before we got ours, they travel in herds so we couldn't get just one!

  2. The shelter has a cat adoption event at PetSmart right now, so while waiting for the other volunteer to show up the other night, I wandered around. I was shocked to see how much canaries cost! We always had parakeets (bugies) - and they were each named Elvis. LOL I understand, as lovely as they sing, canaries don't like to be held and trained like parakeets. But please find a breeder, no matter which you get.