Thursday, January 2, 2014

What does SuperMom mean to you?

Recently, a good friend and fellow momma posted this awesome blog post, Killing Off Supermom, about what the expectations of a supermom are as opposed to the reality. My response was as follows:

My only qualm is what defines "super mom". In my mind the super mom IS the one w the sticky shelf in the fridge (guilty), the mom who needs friends to wrap her own child's present DURING the child's party (guilty!), the mom who is disgruntled slightly by the seemingly SEAMLESS mom. I think we are the super moms bc we focus more on what is important than the lil details (smudge on the mirror? I must have found time to do my makeup !). I mean, we already know Aimee is Wonder Woman in gaius' eyes and we are all princesses or good queens/faeries, text in our girls' minds. Those are synonyms for super mom if you ask me 
I totally understand her viewpoint but I definitely feel that all of her reasons to wipe out the supermom label are, in fact, the definition of supermom. "Supermom" is more of a result of our daily mom lives, an explanation for all the crazy that goes on and the ways in which we manage it all. Think about it. Superman was this somewhat nerdy and shy Clark Kent character who was able to morph into a hero at the drop of a hat. He was a hero whenever he needed to be! Umm, I'm pretty certain that is equivalent to those days when we're excitedly finishing half of the dishes (at least the ones on the counter!) and the majority of the toys have been shoved into the playroom to give the illusion of a relatively picked up living room when suddenly BOOM! CRASH! - someone has tripped and fallen hard into this semi sharp corner of a teeny tiny metal tractor that has left a slight boo-boo which has, in turn, produced an outpouring of freakout, screams and end of days type pleading for a decorative bandaid. In a split second we are somehow always able to be wrapping the ouchie with a bandaid with the child wrapped in our lap within seconds. Always.

Yours Truly,

A fellow Supermom

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