Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicago 2014 : Part 3 Chicago Cubs Convention and the Best Flat Tire EVER

The heart and soul of this trip/gift was the Chicago Cubs Convention. This is the 100th year of Wrigley making the event even more exciting. Micah anticipated seeing Ernie Banks and although that simply didn't happen, he was met with many fun surprises over the three day convention weekend. He received autographs from Ryan Sweeney and Tom Ricketts and his best autograph had to be from Len Kasper. A large chunk of the time Micah and I lived in Chicago together was spent listening to Len and Bob [Brenly] during Cubs game. They always brought on laughs and seemed so down to earth. We could enjoy listening to them on the radio alone for hours. It was a thrill for Micah to meet Len and I know that made the whole thing worth it for him. 

Outside of the Sheraton where we stayed, also where the convention was held.

View of the Chicago River from our room

Every convention registrant received a lottery. We had three for Micah, myself and Addison. The first two we opened were discounts on merchandise and, of course, the third one was a voucher to get into Stage A - something that had to be bought otherwise! 

Sunday morning breakfast - deep dish pizza!

Micah holding Mr. Ricketts coffee in exchange for an autograph

We're a Cubbies Fam 
She was pretty bummed about leaving Chicago. What a home we have here

Our grab bag contained this lovely Bitty Baby Cubs set
 Our trip home was as bittersweet as our arrival. I was sad to leave but our lives were awaiting us and you can only be in vacation mode for so long! We spent Sunday morning at the convention until it ended around noon and then we hit the road. About halfway through the trip we were sitting at a rest stop when a man approached the car to let us know we had a flat. Whomp, whomp. Micah and I differ in the event of a crisis. While he was kind of losing his mind in the anxiety of it all, I tend to see the brighter side of things. Now, I promise this isn't always the case as I'm sure anyone who knows me can understand. I will often sweat the small stuff and get a bit of anxiety but with MAJOR crappy situations, I know enough to Let Go and Let God. Honestly, I couldn't help but think how great it was that we found this out at a rest stop rather than in a ditch in the freezing cold on the thruway. I couldn't help but be glad that AAA was on the way and we'd be on the road in no time. When Micah returned to the car after calling AAA, he was so not in the same mode as me, hehe. After assuring him of all the bad we avoided, I found a nearby WalMart to stop at. On a Sunday. For a tire. Ignorance is bliss! We thought their tire express would be open until midnight and we quickly found out upon arrival that they would close in 10 minutes. No sooner had they popped a brand new tire on and waived the labor costs. We zipped out of their in five minutes having only paid for the tire and the rest is history. Needless to say, we made it home and are forever grateful for the smoothest flat tire experience.

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