Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer's long gone!

Let me start by simply informing you that I spent about an hour last night combing through this doll head and another. Her hair is semi wet as I had to soak her in dish soap after washing her hair and face. Prior to this stage, she was coated in a thick blend of lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner as a result of some "salon time" with Addison and Juliette. Fortunately, you are still able to see some makeup residue on her forehead. Glad I could share. These are things that go on in my life.

I've been absent for roughly three months, so sad and I've deeply missed whatever audience I have left out there. One of the biggest changes since my past post is Addison now attending school. The result of this has been, in one word ............ havoc. Seriously, the kids all started school and it seemed like we were bringing home a bursting ball of insanity, at least in the case of my friends and I. Having attended for about two months now, things have smoothed over and schedules are better managed. Thank God for schedules. I have endured a large change and went back to sitting FULL TIME! I'm thrilled. Some of my best memories are with the three kiddos I cared for in Chicago and I'm still close with them, although, seeing my little toddler buddies as preteens is pretty hard to swallow. I now care for 2 sweet little girls, one of whom is in Addison's preschool class. Our schedule is what allows me to breath every waking day and allows the girls the opportunity to get outdoors, use their creativity with our craft sessions, explore the letters of the alphabet, nap, read and eat healthily. We have full days but I'm smiling at the beginning and end of each. 

We have so much ahead of us as a family. Micah's new restaurant, Havana Cabana, opened only days ago and I've been consumed with not only the kids but wonderful orders via Betty Jane & Co. from items in our Tacklebox shop to beautiful custom wedding sets. Micah and I joined our first ever small group through our church, something we've wanted to be involved in for a while. Not only has this kept us in check with our faith in God but we feel even more connected with our church having built fellowship with our small group members. With Addison's birthday party over a month away, we are already prepping plans for another donation collection as we did last year with our Sandy Effort!

Well folks, this feels like a weight off tuning back into the ol' blog. I hope to "hear" from you all and to share in our future ventures. Check back in the coming week to see how we did Halloween this year, updates on Addison's birthday and where our donations are going and to see how the shop is doing!

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