Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wed-spirations : Nautical

Ever since reading Coastal Living Magazine, I'm a lover of many things nautical. Home decor is flourishing with their sea-oriented designs such as divers or shells or beta fish on a pillow and so on. Here are some great finds for YOU!

Sakura on etsy is carrying this lovely knot!

I love a nice oar (or four!) for home decor. Find these at Castaways Hall  on etsy along with MANY more of their nautical products!

How about this 50s vintage swimsuit from Mouse Vox Vintage on etsy?

Coastal Living Magazine featured this Red Suit Pillow from Oxbow Decor.

This badboy is now in my home (in our nautical themed bathroom!) and was purchased from Michelle Lisa Treasure on Etsy for only $12!
Don't miss this vintage 1960s ladies scarf from Last Dance Vintage on etsy!

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