Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Party

As many of you know, my friends and I conduct pre preschool type "classes" with the kids. It's not as intensive as it sounds but the whole point is to have a more structured day with organized mini lessons and activities. We try to do it a few times a month and we swap whose house we conduct the day at. The day always begins in play, to get it out of their system, then we do whatever plans we had and end the day with a yummy lunch! 

 Today we worked on the letters 'D' and 'E' and numbers 1-5. We have printouts to help the kids with tracing the letters. Since this was a "school day" AND a St. Patrick's Day party we made simple little pots with numbers with gold coins the kids could match with the circles in the pot.

 For lunch we had quesadillas! Fun for all and tasty, as well. The only green thing about them was the avocado but that was good enough for us. We loaded them with rice, beans, sour cream, avocado, chicken and cheese. Yum!

Thank goodness for Aimee. As you can see, her desserts are to die for. 

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