Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mom Date!

The friends I have made over the past few years are a blessing and hold much value in my life. I don't know what I'd do without my fellow moms! When I lived in Glens Falls, my two close girlfriends and I did a monthly get together. It is a great way to commit to one day away from the family each month. Although we moved across the state, I saw no reason to quit something I so eagerly awaited. With 2 new wonderful friends, Aimee and Sam, in a new area, I was excited to start up again. We've done a decent job but with the holiday months of November through February we didn't expect to keep up with it until things settled down. Well, last month we all buckled down on a date and today we finally were able to have our "free" day. Sure it lasts about four hours but, goodness, it's the most refreshing four hours! This mom date was extra special because we could include our newest crew member, Kelly. Her daughter and Addison attend dance class together and I'm so glad I took the plunge and scored her digits. (We all know the world of "mom dating" where we scour the playgrounds, library groups and so on for potential friends/playdates!) The four of us really seem to compliment each other as do our kids and I'm so thankful to God for providing us all with each other. 

We met at Simply Crepes for a late breakfast with a desperation for some caffeine and a taste for something delectable. Having already read some reviews it didn't take Sam and I long to decide that it is absolutely necessary to add the Oatmeal Crème Brulée with whatever crêpe we went with. I opted for the Crêpe Épinards loaded with fresh baby spinach, Roma tomatoes, scrambled eggs and feta cheese. Both are shown above in all of their glory. We also shared Home Fried Potatoes with cheese which were some of the best I've had, not greasy and full of flavor. We had a wonderful time gabbing away and enjoying our delicious meals in such a lovely and intimate restaurant.

By the time we headed out we realized there were still about two hours to kill. YAY! We headed over to a shopping plaza and literally enjoyed walking around and browsing as opposed to the usual, "Stay close to mommy!!" and "Mommy can't see you!" that comes with most child-full shopping experiences. We couldn't help but joke while on the escalator that we needed to really appreciate this "private" escalator time. Normally our only purpose on an escalator is for the fun of the kids with a lot of enthusiasm and a big jump at the top and bottom. Nope - we straight up took it easy and laid back on the escalator today folks. 

There is so much joy in getting out of the house to share quality time with close girlfriends. We see each other regularly but are normally rushing through conversation with constant three year old interruptions. Not only were we able to reward ourselves with an afternoon spent together but our children were able to spend time with dad without us around. If you're a stay at home mom, you know how important and special it is for your little one(s) to have that time with daddy who is often away working. There's a slight feeling of, "Well, that's that" and, "Until next time," as we pile back into our cars but then we arrive home as we pull into our driveways. Waiting for us are those little arms and squeals of, "Mommy!" Okay, in reality Addison was whining and her stuffy nose was really getting on her nerves, but she was happy I was back and no matter how fed up we get on the tough days, those few hours away allow us to miss them too. I mean, while shopping, we tried to steer clear of the children's section but, of course, we ended up there. I know my lovely friends have my back but we are all certain our "babies" hold our hearts. Oh, and a big shoutout to Steve, Jeff, Micah and Brian for taking on our stay at home role for a short time!

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