Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peace of Mind

Let me be clear - I do not do messy. I mean, I have a toddler so I know all about them turning a white padded room into an amazon. That's fine with me. But in order for me to relax I've always been the type to tidy up. I mean, I make our house spic and span when we leave for vacation just so we can come home to a clean place. Often times when we do return from a trip I unpack and organize before I can sit in front of the television to breath! Well, exhaustion brought a revelation the other day. Addison and her friend enjoyed an afternoon at our house after a long morning at the children's museum close by. They were the sweet culprits of what stands before you in the photo above. Having been pretty tired once her buddy left I took one good look at this mess, took a photo and ...

Well, in a very unlikely manner for myself, I grabbed Addison and whispered, "Would you like mommy to make some tea to have with a cookie on the couch while we watch a movie?" After speaking in what sounded like tongues in a screechy, high pitched voice, I eventually heard something like, "I so EXCITED!"And so we did as I suggested and not until long into the night after she had gone to bed did I clean. Let's face it, it had to be picked up at some point and I wasn't about to let my husband walk in from a looong day at work to this chaos! In fact, I was quite delighted to get a move on with the organizing, HA! 

The point, though, is that I spent a nice evening with my daughter, a memory, a joy and it's because I chose to find my peace in time with her rather than tossing Barbie here and blankies there. 

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