Saturday, February 23, 2013

Freshening Up

Thanks Dad for nailing it on the head! He recently told me to basically get a move on with my shop and so .. I did. If you've been visiting the blog over the past two weeks you may have noticed a lot of revamping and plenty of new additions to keep you all busy! 

I have had ideas running .. no .. bouncing around in my head for what seems like months. I have the endless and random pages of journals to prove it but for whatever reason I was procrastinating getting the work online. With the nudge from my dad I went ahead and just did it. Kindly visit our shop and you'll notice our new section, Noelle Boutique, where we will feature vintage children's clothing. Many of you know Betty Jane & Co. as our paper goods shop and I finally added an array of birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding paper goods and more. As usual, we work with only 100% recycled paper as we "Share what's going on while going green!" In the coming weeks I will be adding wedding keepsakes and journals/notepads with my designs. Click our logo above to see what's new!

As I formerly mentioned, Noelle Boutique is a section of our Betty Jane & Co. shop where you will find fabulous vintage children's clothes. I've already posted several one of a kind pieces that are going to be difficult to part with! When you visit our Betty Jane & Co. shop you need only click our 'Noelle Boutique' section to view what we have to offer. We also have a few brand new clothing pieces for sale by clicking the logo above or clicking 'noelle boutique' in the main menu above. For any inquiries on our brand new pieces feel free to contact me!

We are really looking forward to sharing more of what brings joy to our lives with you!

Hugs, Al

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